Ministry Updates

Equip for PNG

So one of our first steps in preparing ourselves to leave for PNG is to take part in an online 6 week course, outlining Wycliffe history, building a strong foundation as a missionary, and assembling a strong support team. We are currently spending about 6 hours a week going through this online training. We are also able to connect online with other new Wycliffe missionaries and hear about their stories and where they will be serving.

All this online training is leading up to us traveling to Orlando for a 2-week onsite training at the Wycliffe USA headquarters. The 2-week training is called Equip and we really believe it will prepare us well for our journey. In Orlando we will get to meet the missionaries we have connected with online and we will go into much more depth on training materials.

Following Equip we will stay in Orlando for a week to complete an International Children’s Education course, which is designed for all Wycliffe missionaries who will be working with children.

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