Wycliffe Partners

Ukarumpa Ukarumpa International School Papua New Guinea Wycliffe Partners

Here are a few of the wonderful organizations that we will partner with once we get to PNG.

Wycliffe USA – Wycliffe’s mission is to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025. Since its inception in 1942, Wycliffe has played a part in completing over 700 scripture translations.



Wycliffe Global Alliance – Wycliffe Global Alliance comprises more than 45 organizations. The goal is that like-minded organizations worldwide can participate in Bible translation movements with the benefit of shared resources and strategic relationships.


Wycliffe GA

JAARS – JAARS supports global Bible translation by assisting with various means of transportation including air, land, and sea. JAARS also supports with practical, day-to-day IT expertise by providing power, internet, and computer needs.  



SIL – SIL is a faith-based non-profit organization focused on worldwide sustainable language development. SIL started in 1934 and has now expended to over 5,000 staff in over 84 countries. SIL was formerly named Summer Institute of Linguistics.