Our Wycliffe Ministry

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CassidyCassidy serves as the school Principal on our mission center. Altogether, there are more than 250 students that are ministered to. The majority of those students are children from missionary families, and there are also some Papua New Guinean students. Cassidy enjoys being able to encourage the teachers and Papua New Guinean staff to be creative in the ways they pour into the lives of students.

Kari works alongside our clinic medical staff to ensure that all missionaries and visitors coming to the mission center in PNG have received the needed medical clearances to keep themselves and our community as healthy as possible. Kari enjoys working with the missionaries and visitors in this capacity, aiming to reduce stress and increase ease to which travelers make it to PNG to serve and encourage.

KariIn her Typesetting role Kari supports translators who are ready to print Scripture in their translated village language.  She works to design the layout of each page of the translated Scripture before the text is published online or printed.  The Scripture Typesetting role allows Kari the incredible blessing of interacting with teams as they approach huge milestones in their language translation project – whether that is publishing a couple books of the Bible, a New Testament, or a whole Bible!