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Ukarumpa_MapUkarumpa is a small town located in the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea.  With a population of 500-800 people, primarily missionaries who have come as translators or support personnel. Ukarumpa is the main center for most of Papua New Guinea’s Bible translation work.

Although it is very near the equator, the high altitude (5,100 feet above sea level) allows for year-round pleasant temperatures and few mosquitoes.


Aerial view of Ukarumpa

For the most part, the Ukarumpa population is made up of translators and support workers from Australia, Finland, Germany, South Korea, the US, the UK, and other countries throughout the world. There are also local Papua New Guineans who live and work “on center.”

The on center store has a surprisingly wide selection of food.  The store managers even order food products from Australia and the United States, with shipments arriving several times per year.  In addition, locals sell fresh fruits and vegetables at the market three times per week.


Ukarumpa Market

Local Activities
Ukarumpa has tennis courts, a weight room, frisbee golf courses, a horse paddock and a river nearby where students often swim on the weekends.  Several big fields on center allow for frequent community softball, volleyball and frisbee games.  The area also offers opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and visiting local villages.  The nearest good-sized town, Kainantu, is about a fifteen minute drive away and has additional stores, a large market, and a second-hand clothes store.

This information was retrieved from the Ukarumpa International School website.